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Sean Zimmer

The Best Ways To Turn Dating Into A Relationship

You could be one of the many individuals out there who are stuck in the dating zone. It’s just that some people become oblivious to what other people feel or maybe they are not just ready to go to the next level. Whatever the reason is, it is hard to think about what is your place in his or her life. It is a frustrating thing to think about. If you want to move on to the next stage, here are the best ways on how you can turn the dating status into a relationship.

1. Assess yourself

It is the most important thing that you need to do. It is essential that you are sure of what you want to happen. Think things thoroughly, so you will be sure that it is not just a spur of the moment. You need to determine if he or she makes you happy. Think about the things your dating partners have brought into your life. You need to be sure about you feelings before doing anything to make him or her commit.

2. Don’t indulge on the dreaded talk

There are a lot of subtle ways to break the news to your partner. Just make sure that you will not come in too arrogant as if he or she needs to do what you want. The best phrase to avoid is spilling the line “What are we?” It is like a bomb that will silence everyone in a room. Men and women don’t want to be pressured most especially if they are still unsure of where they want the things between the both of you to go.

3. Be a little mysterious

The key on this is you should not be too obvious. If you are always excited to answer the messages and ready to go whenever he or she asks for you, they will lose the challenge because they can see right through you. The kind of thinking they will have is that there is no need to change the status you have because you are always there.

If you want to take your dates into something more serious, better make sure to follow these things. The next thing you’ll know is that you are already changing your status on Facebook.

The 3 Major Things That Turn Off Men In An Instant

Most of the time, if a woman goes out on a date, we often became conscious of all the things we do. It is because we are afraid that the guy in front of us will just be turned off by one simple mistake. It is not how things work. Guys are not that shallow, and like girls, they also have fear if the girl they just met won’t like them. We need to be comfortable with ourselves and to help you with that, here are the primary things that turn off men in an instant so we can avoid it.

1. Can’t live without their smartphones

Who wouldn’t be turned off by a person who seemed to have a different life with their phone? Don’t get me wrong. It is perfectly alright to have all the latest applications that will connect you in the world. However, if you are on a date, make sure to spend the time talking with your date. Taking pictures of what you are doing and the things you are eating can wait for a bit longer.

2. A materialistic type of girl

Women love to shop, and that is fine. We just need to make sure that our shopping is in moderation and it is not the only thing we want in life. If you are the type of girl who loves all the materials things you can get, it makes men think that you have little self-confidence and shallow. To make matters worse, guys will believe that it is the only thing that you want from them.

3. Gossips

We all know that ladies love to talk. As a matter of fact, it is proven that women talks more than men do. It is alright as long as what you are saying is making sense. However, if guys hear that there is nothing that you talk about than those precious gossips, they will be turned off. It will give an implication that you are not a woman of substance because there is a constant need for you to talk about others.

Assess yourself and if you do not have these three traits, stand proud because men are not bound to be disappointed in you easily.

The Top 3 Mistakes Of Online Dating We Should Avoid

The technology these days takes dating into a whole new level. We are now at the point where we no longer need to go out and mingle with people to find a person to date. Everything comes in an instant these days. There are just some things that we need to put into consideration if we want to join the heat of online dating. Here are the top mistakes of online dating that we should avoid.

1. The picture doesn’t say it all

We must all remember that in an online dating site, we can put any image we want. It is important that we will not dwell too much on it because who knows if that is the real face of the person you are talking to. The best thing to do if you want to make sure that he is the real one on the picture is ask if you can see each other through a video chat.

2. Don’t dwell on the details

The things written on the profile of the person on the online dating site can be real or just partially right. It is important if you will not dwell too much on it as it can create big disappointments. It is still better if you will be able to talk to the person in a sincere way to get an idea of who he is.

3. Don’t get attached in an instant

One downside of online dating is that people tend to get attached to the person, but it is just based on the profile he or she is portraying. It is not right because all of us can say a lot of good things about ourselves but is not who we are. Make sure that you will spend time communicating with the person. There is nothing wrong if you will be attached to someone you met online, just make sure it’s because of his or her personality and not his profile.

These three are common mistakes. If you are into online dating, take note of these three mistakes and avoid it.