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Considerations for Selecting A New Water Heater

Gas or Electric Tank-Type Water Heaters

These types of water heaters are by far the most common in American households. If your house runs on gas, then a gas water heater is installed; if your house runs on electricity, an electric water heater is installed. Changing from a gas to an electric water heater or vice versa is highly expensive. Comparing gas water heaters to electric water heaters is somewhat impractical, but we can compare one gas to another gas, or one electric to another electric. To compare energy use, look at the energy-guide label posted on the outside of your water heater.

There should be a listing for energy factor (EF). Don’t worry about combustion efficiency or heating efficiency. They give a fraction of information necessary to make a comparison between water heaters. Only the energy factor is important because it measures the water heater’s overall efficiency and encompasses all the other aspects. If you are contemplating an electric water heater, make sure that the location in your house has a 220-volt outlet to stop the water heater into. Electric water heaters heat slower than gas water heaters, so electric water heaters often have larger tanks, i.e a larger ready supply of hot water. Larger tanks need more room in your house, so make sure they’ll fit in the space provided. Check the “first hour rating” on the energy-guide label to see how many gallons your water heater can produce in one hour. Make sure that this amount will be enough for your household’s needs. Also, make sure that the “temperature rise” is the 90 degrees or close to it.

Considering switching from electric to gas? Are gas lines to the water heater available and installable? Is there proper ventilation with the outside for the gas and air? Is there a second story to the house above the water heater? If any of these questions are answered in the affirmative, consider a direct vent water heater or a power vent water heater.

Direct Vent

Perfect for difficult angles or conversion from electric to gas, this venting system comes with a two-pronged pipe that takes in air and allows the exhaust to exit through an adjacent wall instead of the roof. This system draws its own air from the outside and requires no indoor air. This prevents backdrafting (gas fumes escaping directly to the area around the water heater) because the combustion chamber is air tight. One more benefit is the fact that heated air is not lost up the open flue. These water heaters are more expensive than regular vented water heaters, their only drawback.

Power Vent

Unlike the direct vent water heater, the power vent water heater draws its air from the inside not the outside. It also requires a small electrical source nearby to plug in the power vent system. It is the same to the direct vent system in all other ways.

Anode Accessibility

If you decide to go with a tank-type water heater, make sure there is access to the anode rod. The anode rod keep natural minerals and alkali from damaging the inside of the water heater lining. Look to see if there is a hexagonal shaped head on top of the water heater or ask if the water heater has a combination anode rod. If neither of these situations are true, then buy a different water heater. Easy access to the anode rods make it an easier water heater to maintain by a knowledgeable plumber. Also, ask if the water heater has a curved dip tube as opposed to a straight one. Curved dip tubes keep sediment from forming at the bottom of the water heater.


Most tank-type water heaters have an insulation of R-6 or R-8. Look for water heaters with R-16 or close to it if they’re available. The cost will be only slightly more, but the water heater’s heating efficiency will be much higher.


A tank-type water heater with one anode rod inside the tank will come with a five-year warranty while a water heater with two anode rods will come with a ten-year warranty. This is the only physical difference between the two types of warranties. It should be noted that most manufacturer’s defects will show up within the usual five-year warranty period.

Father-Son Team Rethinking Radical Changes to Online Dating Compatibility

Clicck is clicking (or should I say “challenging”?) on all cylinders again. The online dating website that stakes claims to marrying science with good old-fashioned internet matchmaking, is now focusing a new line of questions on psychology.

Clicck is looking at the viability of the online dating industry’s current standard for matching two individuals based on complimentary personalities. They are doing this because their psychological team is trying to create a viable alternative to the many disappointing online compatibility tests today that really lack proven clinical legitimacy.

While staying shy of a complete psychological profile, Cliccks current questionnaire is being retooled to create a more in-depth exploration into what makes a potential mate tick. They hope this will deliver a clearer and more successful match to users.

You don’t hear the term “Father-Son Combination” too much in the online dating industry. But Clicck is now controlled by a unique father-son team. Earlier this year, Psychologist Diplomate Dr. Christopher Ovide Sr. joined his son, CEO Christopher Ovide Jr. They hope this combination  provides a more accurate and professionally designed technology tool for all of those men and women looking online for love.

Dr. Ovide is partnered with Dr. Heather Martens, another psychologist focused on relationship and marriage counseling. It is her subsequent analysis that will play a vital role in developing a better psychological profile of a person despite the limitations of online dating technology.

During our research and review of the available data we have determined it is essential to assess every aspect of an individuals personality,” said Dr. Ovide. “And we must also include demographic compatibility in the mix before indicating if two persons are compatible. We also believe it is critical that people understand a compatibility test is not the same as a psychological profile.”

Clicck claims to have two unique dimensions to its next generation compatibility questionnaire This is very exciting, says CEO Chris Ovide, Jr. The new dimensions and more specific questionnaire will allow us to improve our recommendations and decrease the number of inaccurate matches.

This would be the kind of online dating news all singles would want to hear.

The 3 Major Things That Turn Off Men In An Instant

Most of the time, if a woman goes out on a cowboy dating site, we often became conscious of all the things we do. It is because we are afraid that the guy in front of us will just be turned off by one simple mistake. It is not how things work. Guys are not that shallow, and like girls, they also have fear if the girl they just met won’t like them. We need to be comfortable with ourselves and to help you with that, here are the primary things that turn off men in an instant so we can avoid it.

1. Can’t live without their smartphones

Who wouldn’t be turned off by a person who seemed to have a different life with their phone? Don’t get me wrong. It is perfectly alright to have all the latest cowboy dating app applications that will connect you in the world. However, if you are on a date, make sure to spend the time talking with your date. Taking pictures of what you are doing and the things you are eating can wait for a bit longer.

2. A materialistic type of girl

Women love to shop, and that is fine. We just need to make sure that our shopping is in moderation and it is not the only thing we want in life. If you are the type of girl who loves all the materials things you can get, it makes men think that you have little self-confidence and shallow. To make matters worse, guys will believe that it is the only thing that you want from them.

3. Gossips

We all know that ladies love to talk. As a matter of fact, it is proven that women talks more than men do. It is alright as long as what you are saying is making sense. However, if guys hear that there is nothing that you talk about than those precious gossips, they will be turned off. It will give an implication that you are not a woman of substance because there is a constant need for you to talk about others.

Assess yourself and if you do not have these three traits, stand proud because men are not bound to be disappointed in you easily.