Is Facebook More Real than Online Dating Profiles?

Lets face it. Online dating has its challenges, right? The process would be a whole lot easier if there was a level playing field for all love and partnership seekers.

Wouldnt it be great if every man and woman told the whole truth and nothing but the truth in their online dating profiles? Imagine knowing what a persons real hopes and dreams were, being able to read an honest and accurate self-description and analysis, and seeing someone in photos as they are in real time, not online dating photos of avatars, family pets, sunsets, or various images altered in various ways through the wonders of photoshop.

Maybe Friendship First is the way to Truth and Success in Online Dating.

By friendship I really mean Friending. One of the easier ways to get to know someone or get a better sense of who they are is to friend them on Facebook. And according to a recent research study thats not such a bad idea with online dating.

The University of Texas in Austin, a beautiful place in more ways than one, conducted a study in which independent observers used social networking profiles to assess the personalities of roughly 250 men and women. They found facebook profiles accurately reflected the personality traits of the people who posted them. The observers were able to successfully judge the people they were studying for personality topics such as openness and being extroverted.

The difference may come down to the powers friends have over strangers. Both men and women may try to project their perfection and ideal personality traits to strangers in online dating profiles. However, in online communities such as Facebook, their friends will call them on BS if they see it, smell it, or step in it.

So heres a piece of online dating news you can use. Consider using Facebook to see potential matches and partners as they really are. Doing so might save you both some wasted time, money, and disappointment.

Lets face it. Friends dont let friends BS!

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